Why You Absolutely Need to Add a Slate Roof to Your Home

When it comes time to install or replace the roof on your home, things can quickly get overwhelming with the numerous varieties of options available to you. Between different materials, a wide range of colours, and differing installation techniques, homeowners can easily start to feel inundated with information. How could you possibly find the best roofing option with all these variables?

It’s important that you remember the basics; a stunning style, the longevity you’re looking for, and the protection it provides. One of the best materials for all of these factors is without a doubt slate roofing. When you install a new slate roof onto your home, you can rest assured that it’s an investment that will be well worth it for years to come. Here are some of the ways that you can benefit from this roofing material immediately.


Slate roofs happen to be some of the most beautiful and stylish for almost any type of home. It is both classy and elegant and will bring a level of sophistication to your house from the moment it’s installed to the day it’s replaced. Not only does this material come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses but it also provides a wide variety of different colours that will match your home perfectly.


While other roofing tiles may start decaying on you only ten years or so after installation, slate roofs can last 150 years or longer depending on how well they’re installed and the maintenance they receive. If you take proper care of your slate roof, you can expect it to last well beyond your years in the home, meaning that you can rest assured that you’ll receive your money’s worth with this particular roofing material.


Many roofing materials can easily be damaged by extreme weather conditions or sparks from a fire, which can leave your home open to even more extensive harm. Slate roofing, on the other hand, is extremely resistant and durable, allowing it to easily stand up to any serious conditions with little issue. You won’t have to worry about your slate roof in Sydney falling prey to lose sparks from your neighbour’s barbeque or lightning from a strong storm. You can guarantee that your roof will resist anything that life throws at it.

When it comes time to choose a roofing material for your home, making sure that you choose something that will not only go great with your home but be there to protect it for years to come is crucial. Slate roofing gives you style and elegance matched with durability and a lifespan that will leave you thrilled with your investment. Find an expert team that specialises in slate roofing installation and start creating your dream home today.