The Beautifying Powers of Beautiful French Benches from the Boudoir to the Bedroom

When it comes to interior design, it doesn’t get any more exclusive than bedroom décor. After all, sensuousness begets style, and the bedroom has certainly cemented its place as one of the most sensuous, stylish aspects of any home. Literature, art, music, film—they’ve all gravitated toward the bedroom as the centre of amorous feelings, high drama, and beautiful moments. From the bespoke boudoirs of the French aristocracy to the beautiful bedrooms of the Victorian upper class to chic bohemian spaces in New York and LA today, the bedroom has become the epicentre of human experience at its most intimate level. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the bedroom has likely been home to some of the most lavish furnishings any given home might have to offer.

Furnishings—as with all things fashion and décor—go in and out of style. That said, sometimes something goes out of style for so long that it suddenly boomerangs and becomes chic by virtue of its rarity and, indeed, its rarefied history. Such is the case with modern bedroom benches. You may not have one in your home (yet) but chances are you’ve seen them, like the bedroom itself, immortalised in paintings and film as lavish icons of luxury. In short, they are a classic element of bedroom décor, and naturally none meet this standard of opulence and beauty more than fine French bedroom benches.

Here are a few things to look for when it comes to finding the best bedroom bench for you.

Size Tips

A bedroom bench should, ideally, be a small, stylish furnishing slightly hidden off to the side. It should not, in short, be an absolute behemoth which dominates the room to such an extent that it blocks off a whole area and impedes movement. As such, when shopping for a French bench for your bedroom, to be safe, opt more on the petite side. That said, the shape, size, and character of each bedroom is different. A bench that might be too big for another room might be just right for yours, so consider each bench individually in relation to your available space.

Shape Styles

When it comes to bedroom benches, there are two major style and shape options—lithe and “leggy” or more crisp and compact. Your choice here should match your overall design scheme. Going for a vaguely modern to postmodern look? Look for sharp, boxy, compact benches. Want to give the impression you reign supreme in a world of Old World opulence or retro chic that’s simply en vogue? Chances are you’ll find French-style benches with long elegantly-carved legs more suitable for your style.


Fabric Options

Lastly is the question of fabric. This, again, will come down to a matter of taste and what fits best with your overall décor. Whether it’s fine velvet, smooth leather, elegant linen, find the fabric and colour which best suits your décor and accentuates the best features therein.

Make your bedroom the pièce de résistance of your overall décor with the immaculate beauty and finery of an elegant French-style bedroom bench.