Great Cleaning With the Detailed Air Purification

When using the carpet, sooner or later there are problems with the appearance of spots on the carpet, and immediately the question arises as to how best to remove stains from the carpet. One of the options for removing stains from the carpet is the manual cleaning of the carpet using Spray, which can easily be bought at the nearest supermarket. This article is not advertising, but cognitive on this topic, because many are interested in the question, buy spray for carpets or not and how to use it correctly. This is the perfect option.

In the market of cleaning agents for carpeting there are four main types of sprays:

Spray shampoo for carpets. On sale is spray shampoo for manual cleaning of carpets and carpets, antibiotic spray shampoo for cleaning stains on the carpet and shampoo spray for washing vacuum cleaners;

  • Spray for removing stains from the carpet spray
  • Powder spray (Vanish) for dry cleaning carpet and carpet
  • Active foam spray for cleaning carpets

All these tools for dry and damp carpet cleaning have their characteristics and rules for use. There is an instruction manual for each spray device, but to make it easier for you to understand it and choose the optimal spray (shampoo, spray, powder), we will take a closer look at the essential characteristics and brief tips and instructions for using spray cosmetics. You can check for more on this.

Before we buy spray, we’ll figure out what is the difference, the principle of the powder, the spray and the spray shampoo for cleaning stains on carpets:

The main recommendations to all spray tools for carpets are: DO NOT use the product on carpets with unstable paint (especially on hand-made carpets). First, check the durability of the paint on a small inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet! Before using Spray, it is good to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Do not use a washing vacuum cleaner (or a vacuum cleaner with a water filter) when cleaning spray carpets (except for using a special shampoo from spray for detergent vacuum cleaners). Also, when cleaning the carpet, the spray is always well ventilated!

Powder spray for dry carpet cleaning

Spray powder for carpet cleaning is specially designed for cleaning large areas, it is easy to use and helps to get rid of old spots on the carpet, and also to refresh the appearance of the carpet. Due to its structure and active elements in the composition, spray powder absorbs and removes dirt from the carpet.Important! Powder from spray does not need to be additionally moistened or diluted with water (itself moisturized). It is also recommended to use disposable dust bags in the vacuum cleaner, which can be discarded after cleaning.