Four tips to choose the best home insurance

Insurance intended for the protection of real estate are products increasingly requested by the owners because, whatever the type of housing, protects the owner of the damage in the content and the continent, as well as the damages caused to third parties, both materially and personally. In this sense, here are detail five tips to choose the best home insurance offers, so that youhave the coverage and guarantee that best suit your current situation.

  1. Characteristics of the house

When hiring a home insurance is essential to indicate what type of home is oriented? That is to say, if it is the first house or habitual residence, a house for vacations or a property intended for rent, among others. In addition, the insurer will consider if the property has security measures such as alarms, bars on windows, armored door or safe.

  1. Coverage

The owner of the home must know in detail what is the coverage of his or her home insurance and in which cases he or she can contact the insurance company. As a general rule, these types of policies include guarantees to protect the owner against material damage, theft, civil liability, cosmetic damage or legal defense and optional coverage such as repairs of household appliances or DIY service, depending on the extent of the guarantees contracted. On the other hand, if it is rental housing, the owner can protect against the non-payment of rent or malicious damages by the tenant.

  1. Content and continent

One of the five most important tips to choose the best home insurance at the time of requesting information or making a contract is to have the real value of the content and the continent of the home, since the final premium will depend on it. In this sense, the content refers to the total capital resulting from adding the value of the real estate that is inside the home, including furniture, appliances, clothing, personal effects or jewelry, according to the policy contracted. As for the continent, those elements that are part of the structure of the dwelling are included: foundations, walls, walls and fixed installations for private use. It is important, at this point, not to fall into situations of over-insurance and under-insurance, that is,

  1. Modality of compensation

An essential aspect that the user must know is the compensation modality in case of loss. That is, if the company replaces, replenishes or indemnifies the insured with cash according to the damaged property.

However, in addition to these four tips to choose the best home insurance, the most important thing is that the insured can be calm before any accident that, in case of not being protected with the coverage of a home insurance , can suppose a great economic outlay for the owner.