Four Signs that Indicate It’s Time to Replace your Window Treatments

Window treatments are excellent additions that can keep light out and improve the look of a room in your home. But, you want to ensure you have updated window treatments so that appeal and functionality they provide are not compromised. A damaged or worn out window covering can negatively impact your home’s overall look.  So here are the signs that it might be time to replace your window treatments:

Slats are Deformed

Over time, as you blinds are exposed to heat and humidity, they could be seriously damaged. Wood blinds can bend, rot, warp and fade once exposed to high temperature for a long period of time. If you see slats with a bent or warped look, it might be best to replace your blinds.

Blinds can also be damaged because of pets and kids. If you have small kids in the house or some pets, chances are that your blinds are nearing their end. Go for a more durable option for your replacement instead of aluminum blinds.

Colors Have Faded

Your window treatments may be looking different now from when you bought them. Extreme weather can cause damage to your treatments and make blinds, drapes and shutters to fade after some time. Although you may not have a problem with their functionality, discolored or faded window treatments are not pretty to look at. You want to replace them right away to maintain the harmony of colors and designs in your home. Consider using solar window screens Austin TX and other window coverings made with heat and ultraviolet protection.

Damaged Mechanisms

Your blinds may now be difficult to raise or close. This could indicate a damaged lifting mechanism. Blinds that are becoming hard to control will be breaking soon and may collapse anytime. This could lead to possible window damage or injury. To make sure you avoid this scenario, don’t hesitate to replace your blinds immediately. Think about motorized or cordless blinds in your next purchase.

They are no Longer Functioning

Window treatments are designed to protect you from the intense heat of the sun and give you privacy. But, slats may stop to work and cause the penetration of light into your home, costing you a lot of money on our energy bills. In case your window treatments are no longer blocking the sun, it’s time to replace them.

Whether you need window or sliding door solar screens, they are more dependable replacements than other window treatments like drapes and blinds. They can be customized by professionals to ensure they suit your home.