Everything You Need to Know About the Services Offered by Construction Companies

The construction sector has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of decades. Property values have skyrocketed across the United Kingdom, and many new development projects have been started all over the country. There are many construction companies that currently offer a plethora of services to domestic and commercial clients. If you own a piece of land and want to build a house on it, you will need to search for a local construction company first in your area. However, many of these companies offer a comprehensive array of services to their clients. Here are just some of the many things that you should know about the services offered by local construction companies.


The construction of a new building is usually divided into several phases. The company will first survey the land and confirm the boundaries. They will also analyse the ground to determine the depth of the foundation required before construction work begins. Foundation and piling contractors are usually hired first to work on the ground and create an adequate foundation that can bear the load of the building. Once that is done, the construction crew starts laying down the framework of the building. Concrete structures can take anywhere between a few months to several years for completion.

However, the word “construction” has a pretty broad meaning, and many companies offer a variety of additional services under this umbrella. Some of these are highlighted below:

Refurbishment: ideal for clients who want to upgrade, change, reconfigure, or fit out new buildings

External works: external works include installing a façade and adding upgrades to the roof of the house

Restoration: restoration is needed for listed and old buildings that are in bad shape

Conversions/Extensions: ideal for buildings in the public or private sector that need to be used for something else

New builds: starting a completely new building project from scratch

Planned maintenance: construction companies will send over a crew to carry out planned maintenance on properties to protect them from wear and tear and weather damage

Building Services

Apart from construction services, companies such as the Senate Group, also provide a comprehensive array of building services to their clients. These are as follows:

Heating: maintenance, installation, and repairs of domestic or commercial heating systems

Ventilation: maintenance, repairs, and installation of air conditioning systems

BMS: repairs and installation of controls and building management systems

Gas and water services: repairs of water treatment systems, external gas services and distribution networks

Electrical: the company can handle all aspects of electrical wiring and repairs of electrical components in the building

Specialist repairs: installing and repairing sprinkler systems and fire fighting systems, as well as specialist gas and medical gas systems

Maintenance is also an essential part of building upkeep. Maintenance services include planned or reactive maintenance based on damage to the property, as well as managing the facilities in a building. Before you hire any company, it’s recommended that you first discuss your budget with them so that both parties are on the same page.