4 Great Benefits To Installing A Heating Pump In Your Swimming Pool

If you have your own pool then you are very fortunate indeed and it is a great way to stay fit and have fun with family and friends. However, at some times of the year the water gets rather cold and what was once an enjoyable experience is something else entirely. However, it is possible to heat your swimming pool so that you and your family can use it all year round. Here are only some of the great benefits when you decide to heat up your pool.

  1. Cuts Down On Damage In Cold Weather – If you get quite extreme winters then there is a real possibility that this freezing may cause damage to your swimming pool and to the areas that surround it. The tiling in your pool can possibly buckle and also break due to the expansion and contraction of the water. The bad weather and the coldness of the water can also cause issues with your pool plumbing system which can end up causing you a lot of money. Installing a swimming pool heat pump however, will stop your pipes freezing and should stop any structural damage as well. Paying to heat your pool will be offset by the money saved because your pool and the pipes didn’t freeze.
  2. Increases Home Value – We all like to add value to our homes and adding a pool does just that. Making an additional change and heating up the pool will only add more value to your home. Perhaps you are not thinking of selling it at this moment, but there may come a time when you want to move and having a heated pool is a great selling point for prospective buyers.
  3. Great Health Benefits – Having a swimming pool is a great way to get fit using aerobics which is particularly popular for the older generation. However, the healing effects of a pool are diminished when the water is cold. Having heating water is a huge plus because it means that you can exercise anytime. Swimming in cold water may cause joint stiffness or pain, but the heat pump allows the warm water to soothe your muscles and allow you to exercise for longer.
  4. Better Comfort – Having a heated pool is the ultimate in relaxation and the pool becomes very inviting to everyone. There is nothing worse than standing at the edge of a cold swimming pool and trying to encourage yourself to jump in and then when finally you do, the water is so cold that it actually gives you a fright. Heating the pool can be done by using solar energy, thus saving you lots of money on your heating bill. You an also put a solar cover that keeps the heat in when you are not using the pool.

A swimming pool is a great addition to any home and family and a heated one is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Look into getting yourself a heat pump today, you won’t be disappointed.